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1、In the past, people used to travel abroad to look many differences. Nowadays, places all over the world are more and more similar. What are the causes of the similarity? Do you think the advantages of this problem outweigh the disadvantages?

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Every city has its architectural character, but the similarities between cities are more obvious these days than in the past. In my opinion, one reason for this is the high price of land.


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In most large cities, land is scarce and consequently it is very valuable. This has led to the construction of tall buildings which occupy only a small area of land while providing lots of floor space where people can live or work. Buildings of this type are made of concrete and steel and can be built comparatively quickly using prefabricated materials. They do not use local materials, such as stone, timber or brick. In consequence, many cities now look very much the same and you might not know whether you were in Brisbane, Bangkok or Berlin when you are on the street.


While I realize that we cannot stand in the way of progress, I believe that cities should try to keep some individuality. For example, in Paris it is prohibited to build very tall buildings in the center of the city, as this would spoil the overall appearance of the skyline.


Other cities have chosen to design unique buildings to ensure they look different. The twin towers in Kuala Lumpur or the Opera House in Sydney are examples of this approach, and I agree with this kind of initiative.


All in all, although it is regrettable that modern cities look similar, I tend to feel that this is unavoidable. However, it can be argued that, even if the buildings are similar, cities will maintain their own character as a result of cultural diversity, the terrain and the climate, which ultimately determine how people live.


2、Many young people leave school with a negative attitude. What are the reasons? How can we encourage young people to study?


Alarmingly,there is a growing trend that the beginning of career indicates the end of academic study. Currently plenteous people slacken their efforts at self-improvement and hold a negative attitude towards lifelong learning when stepping into society. This essay aims to investigate the reasons why so many people take less interest in updating their knowledge and then present my recommendations.


The underlying reasons why some school leavers hold cold attitudes towards study are manifold. Here, some of them will be explored. First, their indifferent attitude towards study can be mainly ascribed to ever-accelerating pace of modern life and heavy workload. Nowadays, numerous employees are too occupied to spend time in updating their knowledge. Further, the core of life has shifted from pursuing academic triumph to enjoying family life. More? Precisely, as for those who have got married and started career, they may think that it is better to take good care of family members and focus on work. Last, some relevant enterprises’ less emphasis on lifelong learning is also the root cause of modern people’s laziness in acquiring new knowledge.


Overall, it is no easy task to maintain the lifelong zeal of learning, yet, study is a lifelong enterprise. Only when the above-mentioned? Measures are adopted can youngsters build up the habit of constant self-improvement.


3、Some people think that if a police force carries a gun, it can lead to higher level of crime in that society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

4、World history suggests that violence and conflict were more evident under male leadership than under female leadership. So, for peace to prevail, female leadership can be considered as a better option than male leadership.

5、People remember special gifts or presents that they receive. Why?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

6、Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parent?

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

7、Some people think that the age limit for driving should be increased in order to make driving safer. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

8、Educationalists think that the program of international exchange visits would benefit all students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

9、Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists, not local people. Why? What can be done to attract local people?

10、The leaders or directors of organizations are often older people. But some people say that young people can also be a leader. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


(1)the table shows the changes in the number of..over the period from..to..(该表格描述了在...年之...年间...数量的变化)

(2)the bar chart illustrates that(该柱状图展示了)

(3)the graph provides some interesting data regarding...


(4)the diagram shows that(该图向我们展示了)

(5)the pie graph depicts that(该圆形图揭示了)

(6)this is a cure graph which describes the trend of


(7)the figures/statistics show that[数据(字)表明]

(8)the tree diagram reveals how(该树型图向我们揭示了如何)

(9)the data/statistics show that[该数据(字)可以这样理解]

(10)the data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that


(11)according to the chart/figures[根据这些表(数字)]

(12)as is shown in the table...(如表格所示)

(13)as can be seen from the diagram,great changes have taken place in(从图中可以看出,...发生了巨大变化)

(14)from the table/chart/diagram/figure,we can see clearly that(从图表我们可以很清楚(明显)看到)

(15)this is a graph which illustrates(这个图表向我们展示了...)

(16)this table shows the changing proportion of a & b from ..to..(该表格描述了...年到…年间a与b的比例关系)

(17)the graph,presented in a pie chart,shows the general trend in...(该图以圆形图形式描述了...总的趋势)

(18)this is a column chart showing...


(19)as can be seen from the graph,the two curves show the fluctuation of...(如图所示,两条曲线描述了...的波动情况)

(20)over the period from...to...the...remained level.


(21)in the year between...and...(在...年到...期间...)

(22)in the 3 years spanning from 1995 through 1998...


(23)from then on/from this time onwards...(从那时起...)

(24)the number of...remained steady/stable from(month/year) to (month/year)...(月(年 )至...月(年 )...的数量基本不变)

(25)the number sharply went up to...(数字急剧上升至...)

(26)the percentage of...stayed the same between...and...


(27)the figures peaked at...in(month/year)


(28)the percentage remained steady at...(比率维持在...)

(29)the percentage of...is sightly larger/smaller than that of...


(30)there is not a great deal of difference between...and...


(31)the graphs show a threefold increase in the number of...


(32)decreased year by year while...increased steadily


(33)the figures/situation bottomed out in...

(数字(情况)在 ...达到底部)

(34)the figures reached the bottom/a low point/hit a trough.


(35)a is...times as much/many as b.(a是b的...倍)




























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